My New Favorite Way to Work Out: Tone it Up

I became extremely agitated when one of my favorite ways to work out, Exercise TV on Demand, cancelled their contract with my cable company. Gone were all my free Jillian Michaels workouts. Gone were my Bethenny yoga workouts. Gone were my hip hop routines that I would only do when I could be positive that my boyfriend wouldn’t randomly come home and see just what a horrible dancer I really am.

Exercise TV on Demand was great because it was part of the cable package I was already paying for and it allowed you to play tons of different exercise routines on your TV. Kind of like renting workout DVDs without having to go to the store, select a DVD, then remember to return it. Needless to say I was disgruntled when the program went away. BUT! It’s okay. Because I discovered Tone It Up. Have you heard of it? Tone it Up is an awesome website/You Tube channel brought to you by personal trainers/nutritionists/girls I want to be friends with Katrina and Karena.

On the Tone it Up site the girls provide free exercise routines, healthy meal alternatives, a workout calendar, and plenty of interaction so you can get your questions answered. Here’s why I love this site:

1.) The routines are challenging but do-able. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Jillian Michaels, but I don’t enjoy doing her routines. She makes me hurt and feel like a weakling. Yesterday I was doing Karena and Katrina’s Valentine’s day-themed routine and I was definitely feeling the burn. I will not lie. But I was also having fun. You can’t be too annoyed when you’re doing a move called “Cupid’s Bow.”  The routines are also short, fifteen minutes or so, so even if you feel like you’re going to die you can find a way to push through. I like that you can mix and match different videos to create your own routines.

2.) The girls are relatable and seem like people I’d want to be friends with. I don’t deal well when coaches or trainers yell at you or spit out facts. Karena and Katrina explain why the moves are good and what areas they’re toning, but they also crack jokes.

3.) They offer tons of resources…for free! You can look at the workout calendar if you need more structure in your exercise life. They offer great recipes if you want to make cupcakes or pancakes and not ruin your diet. And all of this stuff is free. You can also buy their diet and nutrition plan if you’re feeling more inspired, but you can get plenty of information without spending any money.

I’d definitely recommend this site if you want a fun way to work out. The girls have lots of good info to share too. Are you a Tone it Up fan? Are there any other sites/You Tube channels that you love for fitness-related stuff? 

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  1. I love the Tone It Up workouts! I used to do them at the gym but now that I don’t belong to a gym they’re still really easy to do at home. I also use, you can get a ton of 20 minute yoga workouts for free and then longer ones for a few bucks. I downloaded a bunch of the free ones and just do them back to back if I want a longer workout!

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