Everyone Loves an Underdog

Yesterday was, as Borat says, “great success” on all counts.

My chili came out perfectly. It was a bit spicy for my sensitive tastebuds, but everyone else really liked it. I’ll definitely be making it again, but maybe taking it easy on the cayenne pepper.

There were some terrific commercials. I loved the M&M one and the Elton John as a king one. 

Madonna didn’t get naked at the halftime show (praise Jebus) although M.I.A. did flip the bird and cause some chaos, panic, and disorder. Overall, I thought Madonna was…decent. I loved “Like a Prayer” and thought “Vogue” was good, but that new song…yuck. That “L-u-v Madonna!” cheer and the pom poms were just not doing it for me.  I did love the dude on the tightrope though. Wow. I still wish Lady Gaga had done the show. She would have killed it and sung live the whole time but…there’s always next year.

I was also really happy that Eli Manning won. I think I watched more of the game than ever before was because I felt invested in the characters. I desperately wanted Eli Manning to win. People kept questioning whether he was an elite quarterback and whether he could ever be as good as his brother, Peyton. I wanted him to prove them wrong and win.

Does Tom Brady have amazing cheek bones? Yeah, he does. Does he know how to work a pair of Uggs? Hell yeah. But Tom Brady is almost too perfect. You know that if he didn’t win the Superbowl his life would still be awesome. He’d still be gorgeous and have millions of dollars and endorsement deals and a stunningly beautiful supermodel wife. Look, I know Eli is not exactly living a poor, unfortunate existence. But I like him. He seems like the kind of guy you’d want to hang out with. He’s relateable. He seems more normal. You know that you’ll never be on the same level as Tom and Gisele. And their insane mansion.

I love a good underdog story, so I was excited about this outcome. Combine that with the success of my chili and the fact that I only ate two slices of pizza and it was a great day. How did you celebrate? Any favorite commercials? What did you think of Madonna?



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  1. You’re so funny! If anything the Pats were the underdogs…they lost against the Giants in the SuperBowl several years ago and were trying to overcome them this year. 😉 So I guess they’re still the underdogs! Either way, I’m sure both the Manning brothers and Tom Brady are all considered pretty wealthy at this point, but hey, gotta stick up for my fellow New Englanders.

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