If We Were in Fourth Grade Together, I'd Totally Give You a Paper Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day, loves! I don’t care if your valentine is your dog, your best friend, your mom, your husband, your boyfriend of two years, or your large iced coffee, I hope you have a great day. Take some time to appreciate all the great things you’ve accomplished so far this year and remember why you are special. As the title to this post says, if we were in elementary school together I would totally give you a paper valentine like this:

Bonus points because for the Berenstein Bears. Love those guys. To celebrate, Chris and I are going ice skating and then heading to a late dinner (9 pm, may need a nap first!) at this great Italian restaurant. I have a present for him (I’ll tell you tomorrow) which he will hopefully like. He already gave me mine because I’m impatient and pushy, whoops. My favorite musical of all time, Les Miserables, is coming to town and I desperately wanted to see it. I was afraid he wasn’t getting the hint so I was about to go buy tickets on my own. Turns out he had purchased them after one shameless hint-dropping session and couldn’t let me then go buy them, so he exposed the gift early. It’s okay, it makes up for his XBox I gave him for Christmas that he found out about in November.

If you’re looking for a guy’s perspective on Valentine’s Day, check out this article from Women’s Health magazine. I thought it was well-written and brought up some good points. Yes, Valentine’s Day is nice. It’s great to set a day aside to shower your special someone with extra love and attention. But if you’re doing your part as a boyfriend/girlfriend, you shouldn’t need this day. True romance is not fixed menu dinners, expensive roses, and taking pictures of your haul so everyone on Facebook can see that someone loves you and that you have a fabulous, romantic, Kate Middleton-esque life. True romance, as the piece says, is a souvenir from a business trip, a compliment on a hair cut, or a sweet kiss in the morning even if you have disgusting morning breath. Not that you do, of course. But other people do. True romance is a private thing between you two, and it’s something that grows and changes as you do. True romance is not based around a single day. It’s not a “one and done” type of deal. It’s spread out every day and shown in little ways even when you’re busy or stressed or tired or PMS-ing or whatever.

Believe me, I am all about Valentine’s Day. But I definitely think that Valentine’s Day and New Year’s should get together and form an “overrated holiday” couple, because each has redeeming qualities but overall is usually more hype than its worth.

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? Are you a fan? How will you be celebrating? 

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