Valentine's Day is Over. We Can All Breathe A Sigh of Relief.

I hope you all had a lovely, chocolate-filled Valentine’s Day. If you hate the day and everyone’s TMI, floral arrangement filled Facebook posts, you can breathe easy knowing that it’s 364 days away now. And know that I am with you on that front. I had a lovely Valentine’s Day, but don’t understand why people need to document every moment of their night for all 1,344 of their closest Facebook friends.

I learned an important lesson yesterday. Here’s what happened: I was very nervous to give Chris his gift. I bought him an electric blanket. I’d told a few people about it and the collective reaction seemed to be “meh.” The people I told either thought it was boring, weird, or lame. I started to panic and was trying to figure out how I could redeem myself. Had I really screwed up?  It’s a huge queen-sized blanket. The thought behind it is that he loves to curl up in a bunch of blankets on Sundays and watch TV or play video games. Our room is also really cold so I thought it’d be nice to have. All cozy and warm and whatnot. But after the reactions I was getting I thought “Oh my god. This is a mom gift. It’s nerdy and too practical and not romantic.”

I started to sweat as he opened the gift last night. I bought him an electric blanket. We are an old married couple. He’s going to just stare blankly at it.

He opened it and said, “What is it?”

My fears were coming true. But as I explained it–and then launched into an monologue about the thought behind it–he interrupted me saying, “I love it! This is awesome!”

I was so relieved. We tried it and it’s nothing short of absolutely insanely amazing. It’s warm cuddly and soft, but not super hot and suffocating like a heating pad can be. It’s kind of like having a big dog lying on you except not drooly and it doesn’t have to get up at 5 a.m. to go pee. This was an awesome gift. I applaud myself. Chris kept saying how much he liked it and how creative it was. He said he’s hard to shop for and I had done well.

Why am I telling this story? To provide you with a moral. Like Aesop. Remember Aesop from elementary school reading class? His fables all had a moral at the end so you and your classmates could learn something. Well here’s the moral to my story: Don’t get too caught up in what other people think of your presents, relationship, ideas, etc. Other opinions are useful, but they’re not always indicative of the reality of the situation. No one else is in your relationship and, really, what goes on between the two of you is all that matters. If you think your guy/girl will like something but it’s relatively nerdy, do it anyway. Who cares? I don’t know why I was so freaked out about the reaction to my gift idea. When I had the idea I knew it was perfect for Chris. I should have just trusted that instinct and not freaked out so much. This can be applied to any sort of relationship situation. What works for you might sound insane to another couple and vice versa. As my friend Erica always (wisely) says, “Just do you.”

The other moral is this: You need an electric blanket. Right now. It is my new favorite thing. Here’s the one I bought if you want to get it. It’s really soft and snuggly, machine washable, has an automatic shut-off (great for space cadets) and is also ON SALE! Ding ding ding.

Tell me about your Valentine’s Day. How was it? Do you have an Aesop-worthy moral to share?

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