Yoga and Pilates at Your Fingertips (For Almost Nothing)

I’m suffering from a sports-related injury. I just wanted to warn you so you’re not startled if you hear about it on ESPN tonight. No, but seriously. I am so sore from pilates. But in a good way. My gym doesn’t offer pilates classes (just yoga and zumba) so I had kind of gotten out of the pilates routine, but now I’m back and it feels so good.

Reader Jess was nice enough to recommend a site called Yoga Download, and it is now officially a part of my workout routine. The site lets you download yoga and pilates classes for only a few dollars (some shorter workouts are even free) and then you can play them on your computer whenever you’d like for a certain amount of time (the ones I downloaded this week are good until April).

Here’s why I love this concept: I enjoy going to classes at my gym. Definitely. But sometimes I can’t go to classes when they’re offered or I want to do yoga/pilates when there is no class scheduled. So it seems like a DVD would be a logical supplement, right? Well, then I pay $10-$15 for a DVD which I use consistently for a few months and then get tired of and never use again. Wasteful. Here you can download a routine or two, spend six bucks, do it whenever you feel like it, and if you get bored in a few weeks or a month it’s not a huge deal. Just download a new one and/or go to a class at your gym. It works perfectly.

The site has so many different types of yoga to choose from: yoga with weights, office yoga (intriguing), meditation, abs/core strengthening, etc. Whatever you’re looking for you will find. Trust. They also have pilates classes, which is the reason why I am sore yet happy.

Many thanks to Jess for the recommendation. I love this site! Any other work out tips for me? I always love trying new things!

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