Ode to Reese Witherspoon

Today’s Ode is dedicated to one of my all-time favorite people I’ve never met. Reese Witherspoon is the truth. She is a terrific actress, she’s gorgeous in a natural, plastic surgery-free way, she has a sense of humor, and she’s best friends with Chelsea Handler. Truly, what more could you ask for? Every time she appears on Chelsea’s show I get so excited. The two of them together = TV magic. She’s also made appearances in a couple of episodes of After Lately (hilarious show if you haven’t watched) and she was so funny.

Then we have other great Reese moments such as this one where she won the Generation Award at the MTV Movie Award show. As she was accepting her prize she talked about how it was possible to make it in Hollywood without having a reality show. She then went on to blast girls who make sex tapes, saying that when she was first starting in this business if you made a sex tape you hid it under your bed. Then she said, “And if you take naked pictures of yourself, hide your face!” Get ’em, Reese.

I also love this article which talks about how Reese told Ellen DeGeneres that she was super nervous to meet Kate Middleton. She explains that she changed her outfit six times to ensure wardrobe perfection for the meeting. It’s so refreshing to know that even Oscar-award winning, A-list celebrities get nervous to meet princesses.

Reese is the best. Are you a fan? Who do you think deserves an Ode?

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