A Kitchen Tool for Even the Least Experienced of Chefs

I would call myself an acceptable chef. I can make a few things well. On my list are the following: chili, steak, chicken (various styles), stir fry, and turkey (when I have time)… Oh, and pasta. But if you can’t make pasta then you have bigger issues. But I recently discovered a tool that helps me create a delicious meal quickly.

It’s a quesadilla maker and I’m obsessed. My mom gave it to me for Christmas because she’s a genius. I can make my boyfriend his chicken and extra extra cheese quesadillas, and I can make myself a quesadilla with chicken, a little bit of reduced fat cheese, and some veggies. It is basically fool-proof. You cook up some chicken, sprinkle cheese and other toppings on a tortilla, place another tortilla on top, throw it in this cute little quesadilla maker and let it cook for six minutes. Bam. Dinner is set. Serve some whole-grain brown rice on the side and you have a nice meal.

This thing is genius. This is the quesadilla maker I have if you want to get one for yourself.


I like it because it looks cute, is easy to clean, and easy to use. It also makes the quesadillas nice and crispy without burning them or doing anything weird. I’m a big fan.

What are your go-to, easy dinners? I want to try this healthy honey mustard chicken and this healthier penne alla vodka.

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