Bethenny is Back!

Bethenny Ever After makes its triumphant return tonight. If you think I didn’t write the show’s season premiere in my calendar then you’re wrong. The date has been circled in my calendar for weeks. I am pumped. If anyone tries to call me while I’m watching the show then we are no longer friends because you must not know me very well.

But seriously, I’m so excited to see this season of the show. Different tabloids keep insinuating that Bethenny and Jason are having marital problems. Call me an optimist, but I don’t believe that for a second. These two crazy kids are perfect for each other. He balances her stress and she makes him laugh. I absolutely love Bethenny’s “tell it like it is” attitude and how she built a huge empire out of literally nothing. I find her to be inspirational, hilarious, and real. Yeah, she’s super rich and a celebrity, but she shows the not-so-glamorous sides of her life too and she does not censor herself just because cameras are around. I love that.

If you can’t stand the thought of waiting until the series premiere at 9pm on Bravo, watch this little preview to tide you over. She’s also doing a live chat on Glamour’s Facebook page from 1-1:30pm, which is awesome. If you’re a Bethenny fan you’ll want to join in on that.

Are you a fan of Bethenny, Jason, little Bryn and their dog Cookie (which I think is an adorable name for a pup)? Will you be watching the show?


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