What is Rihanna Doing?

I know it’s not right to judge other peoples’ relationships. No one ever really knows what goes on between two people. I also know celebrities are a different breed and things get distorted as they pass through magazines. But I read this article on People.com that made me pretty mad/confused/sad about Rihanna and her relationship with Chris Brown. It’s talking about how Chris Brown tweeted Rihanna happy birthday wishes and she retweeted them and thanked him. Now they’re also releasing music together. It makes no sense to me.

Look, I know the Rihanna/Chris Brown domestic abuse sitch happened several years ago. I know people can change. But I also know that this account of what happened that night details a lengthy, violent, horrible beating. When you combine that with Chris Brown’s Good Morning America freak out and his post-Grammys Twitter outbursts aimed at Miranda Lambert, it seems to me that this guy hasn’t changed and clearly has some anger issues.

It makes me sad that Rihanna is tweeting him (there’s even rumors that they’re secretly dating again) and would possibly consider collaborating on a song with him. From what I’ve read and learned about abusive relationships and abusers (fortunate enough to not have personal experience) these patterns continue. It’s rare that an abuser changes his/her ways. It’s definitely possible with counseling and professional help, but it’s difficult. With the way Chris Brown has acted since the beating, it seems pretty clear that he hasn’t changed at all. It makes me sad that Rihanna is willing to have contact with him and even be friendly with him after he did such a horrible, violent thing to her. I know first loves are special. She will probably always feel a connection to Chris. But it doesn’t make sense to put your life in danger and to go through such emotional turmoil again. She needs to understand that relationship was abusive and not healthy in any way. If they happened to be in the same place at the same time, I think a friendly “hello” is fine. Other than that, I don’t think Tweeting, texting, working together, or hanging out is necessary or healthy or beneficial for anyone. I’d love to see Rihanna fall in love with someone who will treat her with respect and love. People make mistakes. Beating the crap out of your face, slamming your head into a window, and choking you is not a “mistake”.  That’s abusive and horrible and scary.

Rihanna is such a talented singer and songwriter, yet she’s still a young woman. She may not have the experience and maturity to see the relationship for what it is/was. I hope that even though she’s a celebrity she still has friends and family who are willing to tell her that this is not healthy relationship. Too many celebrities are surrounded by “yes” people who are afraid to tell them when something isn’t right.  I hope for her sake she realizes that this is not a good situation and can find someone who will appreciate her and treat her well.

What do you think about this whole situation? Do you think the media is blowing it out of proportion? If you were Rihanna, would you  be able to have contact with Chris?


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