The Real Life Adjustment Bureau

I saw the movie The Adjustment Bureau when it came out. I thought it was pretty good, although it was a little bit too Inception-esque at times. But I thought the concept behind the movie was really interesting. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but as I remember it the movie was saying that a group of men in bowler hats control what happens to you in the present and future. They have your life figured out. If you get ahead of the schedule they’ve created for you, they make you forget your keys so you have to run back in to your house and waste an extra five minutes. This caused endless problems for the characters in the movie, but let’s talk about this idea in real life.

Do I think there’s a group of men in bowler hats sitting in a back room planning my life? No. You don’t need to check me in to the looney bin. But I definitely believe that things are meant to be and that things work out in strange ways. Yesterday my boyfriend was driving and it was super snowy out. He decided to take my car. My car is an SUV and his car is a sedan and rides low to the ground.

Literally ten minutes into the trip, the guy driving in the lane next to Chris lost control of his car and starting spinning into Chris’s lane. Chris almost avoided him, but on the last of the guy’s 360 degree spins he clipped Chris’s passenger side door and made him slide sideways. Someone then hit Chris from behind. Holy eff, right? I have no idea how, but no one was injured.

You may be wondering how my adjustment bureau theory plays into this. If there really was an adjustment bureau, why didn’t they make Chris forget his keys so he could waste time and avoid this accident? I know. Great question. But at the same time, had Chris been just a little earlier the spinning guy may have hit him harder and pushed him into the wall. Also, what if Chris hadn’t taken my car and had been in his smaller, lower car? I’m pretty sure my tank of an SUV kept him from being seriously injured. Thank God. Everything happens for a reason.

We took the rest of the weekend to chill and not really leave the house and just be super glad that Chris is okay. My poor car took a beating, but cars can easily be fixed and that’s exactly why you buy big SUVs when you live in a place that has craptastic weather.

It freaks me out to think about what could have happened, but I’m feeling so so lucky that things turned out the way you did.

Have you had any adjustment bureau encounters in your life like we did this weekend?

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