Archives for March 2012

Ode to South Park

I can’t even believe I’m writing this post. I really can’t. Throughout high school and college I had friends who were obsessed with shows like South Park and Family Guy. I always thought that watching cartoons once you got out of footie pajamas or those one-piece PJs you had to unzip every time you wanted […]

Fun, Springtime Nails

I was feeling fun and spring-y yesterday so I decided to do something cool with my nails. Normally I let my girl Christine handle that department because I’m kind of (super) spastic, but I had just purchased a great new nail polish so I was willing to give it a shot. This is the finished […]

My Caffeine Detox….Attempt Number Two

Several months ago I made a solid attempt at quitting coffee. I really did give it the ole college try but, despite my best efforts, the caffeine detox barely lasted a week. More like four days. This time I’m trying again, and it WILL WORK. IT MUST WORK. I’m trying to give up coffee for […]

Five Ways to Make Your Skin Smile

I am not shy about the battle I fight with my skin. I don’t have “bad” skin per say, but I break out from time to time and I have to work harder than most 23-year-olds to keep my skin clear. I’m still doing a teenager’s skin care regimen as opposed to the “I’m 23 […]

It's Life with Lauren's 1-Year Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe, but today is Life with Lauren’s one year anniversary. I feel like I should buy it a necklace from Tiffany or have flowers delivered to it at work so all the other websites can be jealous or something. Okay, I’m sorry. I’m weird. Anyway, this site is such a huge part […]