The Best Recipe Site I've Found So Far (No, It's Not Pinterest)

I am definitely a huge fan of Pinterest, although sometimes I get annoyed with the quotes about body image and leaving the past in the past and why we should all go to the gym. Yes, I should go to the gym more, but I’m also content with the way I am now so if I want to sleep for that extra half hour one day a week then sue me. Anyway, I do think Pinterest is useful when you’re looking for new recipes. I’ve found some great stuff on that site. But I recently made a discovery which blows Pinterest out of the slightly-emo water.

The site is called Skinny Taste. The site’s founder, Gina, creates healthier versions of your favorite recipes and posts them (along with gorgeous pictures) on the site. It’s free to get all the recipes and you can sign up to receive recipes right to your inbox. It’s great because sometimes I feel like cooking but lack inspiration. This gives you step-by-step directions for making something healthy. Problem solved. I absolutely love this site and am always finding new recipes I want to try. She even has Gluten-free options which is good since I’m still in the midst of my Gluten-free trial month.

There are literally hundreds of recipes to choose from. She’s got entrees, appetizers, soups, desserts, anything you want you can find. She also breaks things down by Weight Watchers points in case you’re on the Weight Watchers plan and are curious how these meals fit in. I’ve said many times that I’m not the most experienced of chefs, but I’ve found all of her recipes to be really easy to make and not terribly time-consuming.

I absolutely love this site and am would definitely recommend giving it a looksy! If you have any other sites you like, send them my way! I’d love a recommendation.

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  1. Recently, my (single, young male, inexperienced chef) coworker passed along this recipe website called It is apparently a simple cooking for 1 recipes. I think this website is kind of hilarious in a way, but also slightly depressing in another. I haven’t really browsed on there much because I figure if I am going to make a meal I might as well make enough to serve me at least twice. Why dirty up all those dishes for only one meal?
    Anyways I thought this was sort of funny so I passed it along!

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