Justin Timberlake, Always A Stud

Lately it’s pretty obvious that I’m regressing. I’m wearing a retainer at night like I used to when I was in 7th grade. I’ve also become fascinated with videos that used to dominate TRL (RIP). Carson Daly and the two nails he used to paint with black nail polish (remember that?) would be proud of me, because lately I can’t stop watching old ‘N Sync videos. I wish this was false.

I hadn’t watched the “Bye Bye Bye” video in probably ten years, and let me tell you…that thing stands the test of time. It is magic. I’ve noticed it’s a little choppy watching it on YouTube on the computer (unsure why), so if you want the full effect you may want to watch it on your phone but, definitely watch it. And yeah, I’ve done research about best places to view it. It’s fine. I know I’m cool.  Anyway, you notice so many more things watching as an adult. It’s pretty magical. The part where the music drops out and J.T. gives his little laugh and then rolls? Yeah, he’s still a stud.

I made my boyfriend watch the video yesterday. At first he put up a struggle, but by the end you could tell he appreciated the workmanship that went into it. What I mean by that is he didn’t hate it. He told me that he was talking to his co-worker and somehow ‘N Sync and “Bye Bye Bye” came up (weird, I know) and the co-worker, a man in his thirties, said, “Oh yeah…isn’t that the video where they’re all puppets?”

See? It’s beloved by people of all demographics.

Then I watched the “Cry Me a River” video as the J.T. kick continued. If you have a second you’ll want to rewatch that one too. Do you remember how that whole thing came about? There were rumors swirling that Britney cheated on Justin with their choreographer Wade Robson. I remember at the time I thought Wade Robson was smokin’ hot. Yesterday, I did a Google image search to show him to my boyfriend (yeah, I don’t know why he deals with me either) and this is actually what he used to look like:

I guess he’s like 1999 hot but…yikes. Come on, Britney. What were you thinking? Justin was far superior. Anyway, that video was great because he used a Britney look-alike to send her a message. Tricky. You tell her, J.T.

Next up I’ll probably tackle the old Britney videos and her amazeballs, history-making VMA performances such as this one. 

There’s something so relaxing about watching videos you used to love as a kid. And, let’s be honest, ‘N Sync never goes out of style.


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