My Caffeine Detox….Attempt Number Two

Several months ago I made a solid attempt at quitting coffee. I really did give it the ole college try but, despite my best efforts, the caffeine detox barely lasted a week. More like four days.

This time I’m trying again, and it WILL WORK. IT MUST WORK. I’m trying to give up coffee for two weeks. Tea is okay. I know some teas contain caffeine, but let’s be real. I can’t go completely cold turkey. I’m sticking with teas which contain minimal amounts of caffeine.

There are several factors contributing to my (second) attempt at a detox.

1.) I cannot effing sleep to save my life. Really and truly, I cannot. Last night I woke up at 4:30am and then again at 5:30am, ready to rock both times. I also have trouble falling asleep. I’m sure stress is contributing to this and I should also address that issue, but if I wasn’t so Dunkin’ Donuts-wired, maybe my sleeplessness would be reduced.

2.) I’m FINALLY taking new headshots. WOOHOO! The last time I had headshots taken I looked like this:

I look like such a wittle baby. Also I was going through a slightly chunky phase (thanks, freshman 15) so I’m excited to take some new pics. I know that drinking a lot of coffee dries your skin out and can make you a little bloated and whatnot, so I’m trying to cut out the good stuff until after these new shots are taken. I haven’t gotten the memo that this isn’t a Sports Illustrated cover, so…just let me pretend that I’m important, okay? Thanks. Also, I always have bags under my eyes and I read somewhere at some point in my life that this can be caused by retaining fluid so…I’m just assuming that cutting back on coffee will fix this somehow.

So far I’ve made it through almost a full day without coffee. It hasn’t been easy. I almost caved when I walked by a Starbucks. But I need to stay strong. Second time’s a charm. Lemon water and pomegranate green tea are my new BFFs.

Have you ever tried to kick a coffee habit? Any tips? Did you actually succeed?

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