Ode to South Park

I can’t even believe I’m writing this post. I really can’t. Throughout high school and college I had friends who were obsessed with shows like South Park and Family Guy. I always thought that watching cartoons once you got out of footie pajamas or those one-piece PJs you had to unzip every time you wanted to pee was a little creepy. I started my adult cartoon career with Family Guy. The show grew on me. Now I love it. But I didn’t think I’d ever like South Park. When I was a kid and the show first debuted, it was banned in my house. That was the rule. No South Park, No Simpsons. My mom was VERY against these shows.

I’d seen a few episodes of South Park since I became an adult, and I used to think the show was just idiotic and annoying. Why are these cartoon fourth graders swearing and running around on their own? Where are their parents? I was over it. But Chris has always loved this show and kept working to get me on the bandwagon. Somehow, some way I got snatched up onto the wagon and now I’m rolling right along. I love this freakin’ show. It is awesome.

Yeah, if you think about it too much South Park makes no sense. There’s a kid who pulls his hood up so tight around his face that you can’t understand him. These kids know way more about adult topics than they should. Sometimes they blow things up and cause chaos, panic, and disorder at their school and in their town. But the show tackles current events and makes fun of celebrities. It has hilarious one-liners and awesome voices. I’ve changed my tune. I’m officially converted. And I feel only a little bit of shame. Does this mean I have the sense of humor of a teenage boy? Possibly.

What’s your (sort of) guilty pleasure show?


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