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Why I Hate Decision-Making aka Making a Choice and Owning It

Yesterday I was being all pensive and whatnot, and I was thinking about making big decisions and changes in your life. There’s something so exciting yet so SO scary about knowing a change is on the way. Even a small change is enough to disrupt the natural order of things and cause anxiety. But at […]

Big Kids' Prom Round 2

I just realized that today is Prince William and Kate’s one-year wedding anniversary aka one year ago today I woke up at 4 am and watched the whole ceremony alone on my couch, sobbing. Completely normal, I know. Look, I had no intention of getting up at 4 am to watch that thing. I was […]

When You Don't Know What To Do, Just Do Something

I’ve tried some different strategies as I’m moving through my quarter life crisis. I think step 1 is identifying that I am, in fact, having a quarter life crisis. That’s a big step. Step 2 is trying to get involved with hobbies and activities so I don’t just sit on my couch waiting for Breaking […]

Sometimes You Just Need a Little Perspective

A few days ago I wrote this about how I’m fairly certain I’m having a quarterlife crisis. I really appreciated the nice comments and e-mails I got about that post. One thing I’ve noticed helps cure the angsty post-college blues is a little perspective. For instance, last night I had a long talk with my […]

You Can Tell a Lot About a Person From His/Her Twitter Bio

I’m currently writing and rewriting a tweet to Aaron Paul aka Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad. The fact that he may actually read my words sends me into convulsions. I just love him. I do. But I also need to know when season 4 comes out on Netflix because I don’t know how much longer […]