Viva Las Vegas

As you’re nestled deep in dreamland somewhere, I’ll be getting up out of bed and heading to the airport to go to fabulous Las Vegas. My flight leaves at 7am, but air travel gives me serious anxiety (not a joke) so I get there super early even though our airport is the size of a shoe box and doesn’t really ever have crowds and whatnot. It’s fine. I’m going to a conference in Vegas but am excited to see the city since I’ve never been. Hopefully I’ll get a little bit of free time to check it out. I’ll be there Saturday, Sunday, and leave Monday.

I’m really excited to go and learn some things and see the city. I’m going with a good friend from work, and I know we’ll have fun. I’ll try to post while I’m out there, and I’ll definitely take pictures and give a recap when I get back. Have you been before? Anything we absolutely must see during the free time we have? I thought we were getting 80 degree pool weather, but I think it’s going to be the 70s so I may need to hit up the penny slots in the casinos (that’s the way I roll).

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