Las Vegas = Disney for Adults

Okay, everything you’ve heard about Las Vegas is true. The place is insane and big and loud and absolutely amazing. I was there for a conference so I didn’t have a ton of free time to wander, but I did some exploring and I liked what I saw a lot. My friend/co-worker and I checked out the Wynn, the Encore, the Venetian and of course Caesar’s Palace. I always thought Vegas was strictly for hardcore gamblers but that’s definitely not the case. I’ve realized Las Vegas is like Disney World for adults. Everything is beautifully decorated with different themes, and everything is just over-the-top. Exhibit A: The lobby of the Wynn (or maybe this is the Encore, they’re connected) Completely gorgeous. Those hanging things are made up of fresh flowers and they smell absolutely amazing. The restaurant in the hotel had a water show complete with insane animation. It was unreal.


This is where we stayed. It was an absolutely massive, gorgeous hotel. Of course there was a casino right in the lobby.

The flight out to Vegas was long, but I bought a neck pillow which ended up being such a good game time decision. I always walk by those pillows at the little newsstands they have in airports. I never thought about buying one (they look goofy) but this thing was a lifesaver. I will never travel without it again.

After flying to Vegas and back in three days I definitely felt a little (lot) like this:

But I think I’m good now. It was an amazing trip!

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