I Think I'm Having a Quarterlife Crisis

John Mayer’s song “Why Georgia” is one of my favorite of all time. Do you know it? Of course you know it. What a silly question. Anyway, one of the lines in the song goes a little something like this:

Might be a quarter life crisis/Or just the stirring in my soul

And basically that is me right now and it’s a little weird. Since I’ve graduated college I’ve randomly gone through phases like this. I’m not depressed or anything, I just feel…unsettled. I’m not exactly sure what my next life move should be and it’s scary. In May I’ll have been out of school (and in my current job) for two years. That’s a long time, and it’s making me reevaluate where I’m at and where I want to be going. And frankly it’s confusing.

I feel like I’m officially out of the “I just graduated” phase and therefore it’s no longer cute to have no life plan. At the same time, I don’t really know what my plan should be and am not comfortable making any permanent decisions yet. I feel like I’m in a wormhole/time warp between being a college student and being a real person. I don’t really know when I’ll feel like a fully grown adult. Will I wake up on my 25th birthday and just be ushered into adulthood? Will I just be driving one day and be like “Bam! Whoa! I’m a real person!” Probably not. I’m not sure how it will happen, but I know it hasn’t happened yet.

The other thing that scares me about this phase of my life is that I feel like what I choose to do now sets up what will happen in the future in a big way. My relationships, career moves, etc. are all going to lay out how my future will be. Therefore, I need to make it count. No pressure, I know.

I’ve always heard and read about how difficult high school is, but based on my own experience I think post-college life makes high school look like an episode of Laguna Beach….aka full of dinner dates and mild cattiness but nothing too stressful.

To make it so I can sleep at night, I try to remind myself that even the most put-together people don’t actually have it all figured out. I also try to remember that things will fall into place. And lastly, I try to just embrace the chaos that is post-college life. Do you ever feel like you’re caught in a wormhole between college student and real adult?

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  1. Well put Lauren. I’m 28, married, with a baby and still wondering what it means to be a real, live adult.

  2. Lauren – I’m writing on this as well. The QLC is much more common now than in previous generations. A lot of has to do with paralysis in the face of expanding choice. Hopefully we get to interact online on the subject. My writing is at quellingtheqlc.com


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