Sometimes You Just Need a Little Perspective

A few days ago I wrote this about how I’m fairly certain I’m having a quarterlife crisis. I really appreciated the nice comments and e-mails I got about that post. One thing I’ve noticed helps cure the angsty post-college blues is a little perspective. For instance, last night I had a long talk with my cousin. She’s almost 27 and has experienced a lot of different things. After talking with her I felt much less panicky about what I’m doing. Yeah, I still don’t have any definite answers about what the next two years will look like, but it was calming to know that other people have felt the way I feel and lived to tell the tale.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I’m really freaking out about something I just don’t tell anyone. When I was dating and a guy didn’t text me back, I would tell anyone and everyone who would listen. But when it comes to something that’s actually important sometimes I just can’t find the right way to talk to my friends or family about it. Who knows why. Maybe it’s because I’m embarrassed or don’t want to stress them out. That’s why it was so nice to talk to my cousin, get some advice, and hear that I’m not the only person who’s felt confused and unsettled after graduating college.

Talking with one of my good friends from school made me feel a lot better too. She’s in a similar spot, so we were trying to give each other some thoughts. Maybe we didn’t really help each other come to any conclusions, but it was nice to just be honest about our feelings and to know that other people are feeling the same way despite what Facebook or brief conversations may lead you to believe.

The other thing that helped me a lot was getting out of my own daily routine. I went to Las Vegas last weekend for a conference, and it was so refreshing to see a new city and break out of my usual patterns. That type of perspective helped me realize that there is life outside of the stuff I’m currently worrying about. I’m not saying you should start packing your bags and planning an expensive trip, but if you can go visit a friend for a night or two, take a drive around your city, or even just take a new route home from work, these things help mix it up.

Are you part of the quarterlife crisis club with me? What do you do to keep perspective and try to figure out your next move?

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  1. Definitely in the quarterlife crisis club and have several friends who have also mentioned similar feelings. It is definitely a tough place to be when you aren’t exactly sure where you are going or what to do.
    I just try to remind myself that no decision I make is totally permanent (although this in itself is also scary it helps) I can still switch jobs, move, change my mind about what I want to do, switch fields, go back to school, whatever.
    I think Facebook has really made it worse for our generation as far as seeing/comparing ourselves with others. It can sometimes look like they have a perfect/good/better life than you, but you feel like you are lost/struggling/behind. I often remind myself that their lives might not be as great as they appear online. And I even removed people from my news feed when their posts triggered to much comparison from me.

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