What Makes Rockstars So Attractive? No, Seriously. Let's Discuss.

I’ve got rockstars on the brain lately and I think this new poster in my office might have something to do with it:

For those of you who don’t know, one day Dave Grohl and I will have a beautiful love affair. You’ll all be invited to the wedding, don’t even worry about it.

I think we all know that as a whole, mankind has a fascination with rockstars. We just love them. What is it about a guy with a guitar or a drum kit or a microphone that makes us feel intense adoration? There’s a reason all the guys from Kings of Leon are marrying Victoria’s Secret models. Rockstars are appealing. It’s not all about looks, either. You don’t necessarily have to be gorgeous to be a rockstar. No. It’s something else that rockstars have going on that makes them swoon-worthy. I think I have a hypothesis about what it is, and I think it brings good news to us mortal, non-rocker types who are looking to reach that level of swoon.

In my humble, non-scientific opinion, the thing that makes rockstars so attractive is their passion and energy. Think about it. When you work a normal desk job, it’s generally not appropriate to jump around, scream, thrash about, possibly rip your shirt off, probably hump the air, and jump into a crowd of people. You have to be more subdued, put-together and restrained. Your words and actions are carefully calculated. You can’t just openly love life in such an unbridled manner. Also, spreadsheets don’t really make me want to scream and do this sort of thing. Music just brings out energy and happiness and passion like other jobs don’t. Those things are attractive. Also, we like rockstars, because we (or most people) like music. We like being around people who give us that music. So there’s that.

But what else is it about musicians that is so yummy? For me, actors and writers and other really talented people have the same level of “yum” that musicians have. There’s something attractive about seeing someone just going balls to the walls, truly loving what he/she is doing, and sharing that excitement with other people. When that person is great at what she/he does, it makes this excitement and passion even more attractive. Seeing a talented, energetic, enthusiastic person perform his/her craft is attractive. You’re drawn in to that energy. It radiates off of that person and makes you feel good too. It’s inspiring and makes you want to get out there and do something great too. And to quote the great philosopher Paris Hilton, “That’s hot.”

Here’s why this helps regular people such as us: Okay, so maybe you can’t play guitar like Slash. Maybe you don’t have a great rock ‘n roll scream. Maybe you don’t have the rugged good looks and acting chops of Clooney or the body type of Gisele. It’s fine. If you find something you’re great at and truly love doing, then you can get into the same mode that these people get into when they’re doing their own particular craft. You can have that positivity and attractiveness radiate off of you, even if you’re not selling out Madison Square Garden or on a national book tour. Do something you love, find something you’re good at, and that’s all you need to reach a rockstar level of swoon.

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