You Can't Fix Everything. And That's Okay.

I’m a Gemini in every sense of the word. I get moody, I’m talkative, I have a hard time turning my brain off, I’m creative, I like feelings a lot, things of that nature. Remember that time last year when we all thought the planets had shifted or something and so the Zodiac sign you’d been your whole life wasn’t your real sign? Yeah, I didn’t believe it for a second. I am the definition of a Gem.

My friend told me about a Twitter account called Gemini United.The account’s tweets are often poorly-worded (like this phrase),

Coldplay gets it

but they have some pretty cool tips and info about Geminis. I like the insight into the Gemini mind (I’m vain, part of my personality). The other day, Gemini United tweeted something that got me thinking:

#Gemini often waste time trying to help others & worrying about things out of their reach. #GeminiUnited

I’ve realized that trying to solve other people’s problems has become my specialty lately. Do you do this too? In some ways this is good. It’s nice to help and nurture people. Many people are self-centered, so if you’re empathetic then you’re rare and awesome. But in some ways this is super unhealthy. Like when I stay up way past my bedtime worrying about a problem a friend has been talking about with me. Or when I give myself more gray hair then I already have because I’m worrying about a friend’s decisions. Look, helping other people is great. Having concern for a friend is awesome. Definitely. But at some point you need to go to bed/realize you can’t fix everything even if you want to/keep your own life in order/help as best you can and then move on. You can’t make choices for someone. You can’t force someone to do something or have perspective or feel a certain way. All you can do is offer your thoughts and support.

It’s important to separate things you can control from things you have no control over. This process is important in your own life too. Sometimes there are things that are completely beyond your control. Worrying about them is just not productive. The sooner you can learn to identify these things, the sooner you’ll save yourself stress and unnecessary anxiety.

It’s natural to want to try to solve problems both for yourself and for other people. Sometimes you’re able to do this, sometimes it just ain’t happening. Take a minute to recognize when something is out of your hands, do the best you can to make the situation better for everyone involved, and move on. Don’t lose sleep over it. Life is short.

Is your natural instinct to try to fix everyone? How do you fight this urge?


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