Be True to Your Younger Self. Keep the Creativity Going.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the importance of creativity. Mostly, how much I admire creative people (musicians, writers, artists) and how important it is to stay creative, no matter what your daily life looks like. I found this quote from Pablo Picasso on Pinterest:

When you’re little you spend your time coloring, building things with blocks, playing little toy instruments, playing games outside, etc. Suddenly you grow up and you have to work to make money, study for tests, and do other grown up things. There’s less time for creating and dreaming. But it’s so important to keep your creative side alive. Whether you write in a journal, read a great book, learn to play an instrument, take dance lessons, it doesn’t really matter. Sports are good too. Except if you’re awkward and injury-prone like me. Then just cheer for other people. Anyway, less being passive and more getting out there is good for your energy level and your general happiness. I’m always amazed at how much better I feel when I step out of the office and go to my guitar lesson. I am nowhere near “play in public” level yet, but it feels good to be doing something musical again since that was a big part of my childhood. I’d imagine doing an adult kickball league would be the same way if I enjoyed athletics. But I won’t lie, one of my favorite parts of graduating high school was knowing I never had to play an organized sport again. So there’s that…

I just read this article called Six Habits of Truly Memorable People. The first one is “don’t see, do.” It suggests spending less time passively watching TV and more time getting out there and doing things, even if you’re not terrific at them. Okay, I know this probably means I should try kickball but whatever I don’t even want to anyway so leave me alone. But the author is so right. You feel much better about yourself when you’re actually doing things instead of watching other people on TV do them. Don’t get me wrong, I place high priority on my South Park and Breaking Bad episodes, but getting off the couch and doing your own thing is important too. Ideally you should have a combination of being inspired by other people’s creativity and doing something creative for yourself.

Keeping that energy alive is especially important if you spend all day in an office. I think I have an office-aversion. I literally get itchy and stir-crazy by the end of the work day. It’s something about the fluorescent lights and copier sounds that make me feel drained by the end of the work day. That’s why it’s so important to get your brain going by creating, engaging, and seeing different things.

How do you incorporate creativity into a packed schedule?

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