Let The EZ Pass Weekend Begin

I won’t lie, I heard this term on the radio yesterday when Chris and I were listening to Colin Cowherd’s show and decided to steal it. Clever, isn’t it? It describes this Memorial Day weekend well. Today we’re driving down and will stay right outside of New York City. Plans will probably include finding a cute place for dinner, walking around, drinking, and watching the Celtics game (it’s the playoffs). Tomorrow we head into New York to see Jersey Boys! I’m so excited. I love seeing Broadway shows and this is one I’ve always wanted to see. I wish we were going to be in the city longer since we have a lot of friends who live in/around there, but I know a lot of people are probably actually heading out of the city since it’s Memorial Day Weekend. It’s okay. This just gives us an excuse to come back for a longer stay at some point later in the summer.

On Monday we’re driving down to Pennsylvania to see Dave Matthews in concert. I am so beyond excited. We try to catch a DMB show at least once per summer (one time we went randomly on a Tuesday when we were still in college) so I’m really looking forward to this. Dave is amazing live, so I can’t wait. Even if you’re not a die-hard fan, I’d definitely recommend seeing him if you have the chance. The shows are a lot of fun.

I’ll take some pics to post when I get back. Hope your Memorial Day weekend is full of pools/lakes/rivers/other bodies of water, BBQ, and relaxation! Enjoy it! Tell me what you’re doing to celebrate.

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