Dave Matthews is One of the Top Five Coolest People Ever

Occasionally Chris and I will try to come up with a list of the top five coolest people in America. Names such as Bob Dylan, Jay Z, and Derek Jeter are thrown around. After seeing Dave Matthews in concert again last night, I have to say he deserves to be on the list. He’s an amazing musician, and just an all-around fun guy. He kicks ass for two hours and adds in quirky commentary throughout. He seems to genuinely love what he does. I feel like he’s not a “red M&M’s only in my dressing room” type of musician. You could hang out with him and he would be low-key and cool and sweaty and probably drunk. I love seeing him play live.

We went to the DMB show on a Monday night, knowing we’d have to drive 2 1/2 hours to get home and would probably arrive home at 2 am. And would be exhausted at work the next day. It was completely, absolutely worth it. I value sleep and sleeping, so this is saying a lot. Dave was insane. He did “Ants Marching” which I’d never seen live, and it was perfect.

I couldn’t believe how packed the lawn was, even though a lot of other people probably had to work/go to class the next day:

But Dave and the guys know how to put on a show so…

Before the Dave show, we were in New York City for about a day or so. Chris was so sweet and got me tickets to see Jersey Boys  for my birthday. If you haven’t seen that show, I’d highly recommend it. It was terrific. The music is great, it’s super energetic,  and the story is interesting. Not too heavy or hard to follow. Just lots of fun. I loved it. While we were there on our whirlwind tour, we made a quick stop at the Carnegie Deli. Gotta enjoy their massive $25 sandwiches while you’re in town. The city was basically empty since it was Memorial Day weekend, so we were able to walk right in and sit down. Very nice. While we were in town we got to catch up with a few friends, which was really awesome. It was incredibly hot/humid, so we didn’t do as much walking around as we’d normally do but it was still so nice to be there and see friends. Here’s a shot of me trying to manage my frizzy, humidified hair. It wasn’t a success:

Oh yeah, and we ate a lot on the trip. Which is good. Eating a lot should always be a part of any trip.

Hope your long weekend was great. Now the weekend’s almost upon us again, rejoice!


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