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The Time That Someone Asked Me When The Fourth of July Was

A few weeks ago someone asked me “When is the Fourth of July this year?” At first I thought this person was looking for an answer such as “Wednesday”, but I soon realized the person expected “Oh, it’s on the 7th.” So then I realized that it was time to exit the conversation. Anyway, there’s […]

For Those Times When You Feel Like You're Stuck in a Rut…

Lately I’ve been trying to shake this feeling of being “stuck.” I don’t know why. I’m a free person. I’m not married, I don’t have kids, I have a college degree. How could I feel stuck anywhere? But I’d been feeling that way. I think part of it is because I’m always very money conscious. […]

I Gotta Ask, What is Up With All These Weird Diets?

It seems like everyone and their mother is on a juice cleanse or some other strange diet lately. I get hangry (read: anger due to hunger) pretty quickly, so I don’t think drinking only juice for three days straight would work for me. Then I read this article on The Gloss about how a girl […]

I Can't Stop Listening to: Alabama Shakes

Chris’s brother always knows good new music. He was the one who introduced me to Walk the Moon (did you go buy their album yet?) and he (and my friend Hali deserves credit too) introduced me to a band called Alabama Shakes. Then I just saw that Aaron Paul aka Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad […]

Find A Cheaper Equivalent of that Makeup You Love. Music to My Ears.

As much as I love a good trip to Sephora, I also enjoy not being startled when I log in to my bank account. This is why I appreciate the Makeup Dupe list. The list allows you to type in your favorite, pricey products and then it spits out a list of cheaper equivalents. It’ll even […]