"Good Job, Good Effort" Kid is On To Something

I wouldn’t call myself a huge basketball fan, but my boyfriend LOVES the Celtics so I’d say I’m a fan by osmosis or something. I enjoy the games, but they all kind of blend together unless something unusual happens. And the other night something unusual happened. After the Celtics made an amazing comeback to win the game, the Heat were leaving the court to go to the lockerroom. Somehow, microphones picked up a young, die-hard Heat fan cheering on his team as they retreated to the lockerroom  after a miserable, soul-crushing defeat.

“Good job! Good effort!” the kid shouted at LeBron James and the others as they passed him.

“Good job! Good effort!” he kept repeating over and over.

If you want to see the video for yourself, here it is. This Good Job Kid has even inspired a fake Twitter account, @goodjobkid.

There are a few reasons this moment was hilarious.

1.) The kid was clearly just repeating what is said to him at his Little League games. He strikes out and returns to the dugout to be told, “Good effort!” by his coach. He sees his team suffer an equal form of disappointment, so those words come to mind. He’s trying to be encouraging, but after a brutal loss I’m sure the team doesn’t care about a good effort or a good job. In fact, they probably want to chokeslam that kid. For Celtics fans, this makes that kid even funnier and even more awesome.

2.) He had no idea he was going to become a national hero. He was just trying to encourage his team after a tough loss.

When you think about it, Good Job, Good Effort Kid is totally on to something. When you’re growing up, you’re always reminded that effort is almost as important as results. Strike out in Little League? Good effort, good hustle, that’s what counts. If you try your best, that’s what matters. But somewhere along the line effort is thrown out the window and it’s all about results. Obviously life can’t be completely measured by effort. Sometimes good effort isn’t enough to cut it in business or adult life. I get that. But I also think we should bring more of the emphasis back to effort, especially in the years right after you graduate.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the black and white of things. You applied for a job and didn’t get it. It seems like a failure. It’s definitely disappointing. But putting yourself out there and being willing to get rejected is brave and important. It’s a good effort. That should count for something and you should give yourself credit for that action. Good Job, Good Effort kid would applaud you and you should give yourself more credit for taking a risk.

It’s so easy to hold yourself to impossible standards and not realize it. I want to have my whole life figured out and know exactly what I want and what I need to do to get there. Don’t we all? But sometimes you have to take a step back and acknowledge what you’re doing to make progress towards your goals. Point out your own good jobs and good efforts. That’s what that kid would want you to do. There’s a reason they teach you that principle all throughout elementary school, it shouldn’t be lost in the shuffle just because you graduate from school.



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  1. My husband is a big basketball fan (so therefore I am by osmosis as well) and he isn’t a die hard Celtics fan, but he really doesn’t like the Heat and he does like KG so we’ve been watching the games. We both heard that kid and thought “how sweet!” and also “those jerks didn’t even acknowledge him!”

    I’m glad he’s getting attention for that, more people should be that encouraging!

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