A Conflict of Pinterest…

I still check out Pinterest a lot, but there’s something about it that just sort of screams “Hate your body and your life! Go ahead! Compare yourself to other people! Look at how creative and fit they are! Look at how well they can cook! Step up your game!”

Okay, maybe that’s dramatic. But every single time I log on to that site I see at least one pin about diets. I see at least one pin featuring a super toned, tan girl wearing an adorable outfit just looking casual and effortlessly put-together. I see another pin labeled something along the lines of “bikini motivation” underneath a picture of Miranda Kerr.

I have the same problem with Pinterest that I have with Facebook. A lot of it is fake. Sure, some people really are that good-looking, crafty, creative, well-dressed, motivated to workout, etc. But, for the most part, people are just like you. They try to cook things and they come out okay but not amazingly well. They want to do something cool with that shelf but never get around to painting it. They want to put together an outfit that looks that trendy and magazine-worthy, but can’t find the right shoes. Or maybe their outfit does look amazing but they don’t realize how good they look. People are all basically the same. We have self-confidence issues. We have good hair days where we want everyone to see us. We wish we wanted to work out instead of sleep for an extra 45 minutes. It’s totally fine. We’re all normal.

Sometimes a Pinterest browsing session is great. I find a quote I love or I see a funny picture that makes me laugh. But other times, my inner dialogue goes a little something like this:

Oh, look at that cute DIY coat rack. Why didn’t I think of that? Why aren’t I crafty like that?

Oh, look at that glittery key chain. I would never think to make that.

Wow, look at how beautifully that room is decorated. Makes me hate sitting in my boring, standard, Target-grade living room. Jeez.

I think it’s great to share workout tips and inspiration. I get bored doing the same thing over and over. I like to read about how people workout at home or mix things up at the gym. But I think it’s really unhealthy when people start pinning things that make them feel body insecurities and food guilt. Sure, I’ll look at a picture of Gisele and think, “Wow. I would love those abs.” But it’s important to give yourself a reality check and remember that these girls make their money on their bodies. If they’re not in tip-top shape, they’re not getting paid. They also have trainers who get paid hundreds of dollars an hour solely to keep them in shape. They work out six days a week. They have nutritionists. It’s not fair to hold yourself to that same standard when you have a full-time job, no trainer, no nutritionist, and no designer who’s creating clothes for the sole purpose of looking perfect on your body.

It’s always good to want to stay in shape. It’s always fun to look at new outfit combinations and clothing designs. But when Pinterest starts giving you reasons not to feel satisfied with yourself, it’s time to quit that thing and move on. Would I like perfect inner thighs? Yes. Would I like a perfect linen closet? Probably. Actually, maybe not. But there’s no need to obsess over it. It’s important to appreciate what you do have instead of chasing after things you don’t have, don’t have yet, will never have, or don’t even really need.

So, Pinterest, I appreciate your inspirational quotes and how you help me figure out what to do with that tank top that I impulse bought the other day. But I will not be fooled by your trickery. I know that not everyone on that site is craftier, more put-together, more skilled, and more muscular than I am. We’re all humans.

End rant.

Are you all about the pins or are you over Pinterest?

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  1. Love this 🙂 I’m on Pinterest but I don’t really get the hype, I mean I like it but I definitely see what you’re saying. I think the first time I realized it might not be the greatest thing is when I started seeing all these wedding pins with cute/creative ideas and started feeling like I could have done so much more at our wedding (we got married this past October). Comparing it to other people who spent more money or made all these cute crafty details only made me feel like my wedding wasn’t good enough. Our wedding was beyond perfect – for us. I’m very thankful I wasn’t on Pinterest BEFORE our wedding!

    • ljmlevine says:

      Hi Jess! I was seriously just thinking about how Pinterest and weddings would make me go into panic mode. That’s why I refuse to let myself become one of those girls with a “wedding inspiration” board yet no engagement ring. Can’t do it. I see all these cute ideas and I love them, but I know I would end up feeling like I “missed something.” You’re so right though, if your wedding is perfect for you then who cares if you didn’t include candleholders with sparkles in them. Pinterest should just enhance and inspire your wedding, not make you feel so inadequate.

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