I Am Back to Coming From "A Place of Yes"

Chris and I are road trippin’ to Virginia Beach today! We’ll spend most of the day in the car. Now that everything is packed and the apartment is cleaned I am definitely (as Bethenny Frankel says) coming from ” a place of yes” as opposed to a place of “oh my god what is going on right now?” like I was over the past few days. I firmly believe in leaving your house/apartment/dorm room/wherever as clean as possible when you’re going somewhere. Makes it much nicer to come home to and helps set a good tone for when you come back.

Packing always freaks me out. My normal strategy is usually to just dump everything I own into a suitcase and hope for the best, but last night I tried to make some sort of a list so that helped me calm down a bit. I’d also like to avoid a situation where I have twelve sundresses but no shoes. Not that that’s ever happened but….okay, yeah. That’s definitely happened. I also am a notorious day-of packer, but I got it done in advance (and by that I mean the night before) so that also helped the situation a bit.

Anyway, we’ve got a long trip ahead of us. I’m sure it will involve lots of “I Spy” and “Name that Tune” ( I win every time) but I will check in when we get there. Updates and pictures and blogs about nothing beach-related to follow. Enjoy your weekend!

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