I Can't Stop Listening to: Alabama Shakes

Chris’s brother always knows good new music. He was the one who introduced me to Walk the Moon (did you go buy their album yet?) and he (and my friend Hali deserves credit too) introduced me to a band called Alabama Shakes. Then I just saw that Aaron Paul aka Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad aka my future husband is a fan of Alabama Shakes too, so if they’ve got the Pinkman Seal of Approval you know they’re good. Their music has got the coolest blues-y, rock, Southern, soulful, old school feel to it and I am newly obsessed . I just downloaded a handful of songs so far, but I may have to go buy entire albums. I’m a big fan of this song called Hold On. I’d highly suggest taking a listen. These guys (and girl) will be on repeat for a while.

I’ve also been listening to John Mayer’s newest song Shadow Days a lot. Take a listen to that one too. Dude could probably use a haircut, possibly a shower too but….we forgive.

On an unrelated note, I just discovered the coolest company and I wanted to share. I love start ups and unique businesses and this is definitely one of them. It’s called Loosecubes and basically the idea is that certain businesses in various cities allow people to come in and experience that office for a day or two. The businesses that are a part of Loosecubes are all pretty innovative, so it would be eye-opening to get to spend a day working at one of these places. It’s a cool, free way to get to see the inside of new companies. Also probably a good networking tool and a good way to exchange ideas with forward-thinking people. Right now Loosecubes is only available in bigger cities, but maybe they’ll trickle down to smaller ones soon. If you’re in New York City, Chicago, LA, etc., then you should check it out. I love this idea!


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