The Time That Someone Asked Me When The Fourth of July Was

A few weeks ago someone asked me “When is the Fourth of July this year?”

At first I thought this person was looking for an answer such as “Wednesday”, but I soon realized the person expected “Oh, it’s on the 7th.” So then I realized that it was time to exit the conversation. Anyway, there’s neither here nor there.

Kind of sadsies that the Fourth is on a Wednesday this year, but that’s okay. Chris and I are taking a mini road trip this weekend to see our friends Nicole and Will at Will’s lakehouse. I’m really excited. We just got back from Virginia Beach, so I kind of feel like Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? but I like it. Our town isn’t exactly an exciting metropolis, so it’s nice to see someplace new and spend time with friends. Also, who doesn’t love a good road trip? Music, pretty roads, a little road rage from other drivers, it’s all in good fun.

I’m expecting the weekend to include boating, lying on a dock, maybe some grilling. Definitely some sun. No tubing though because I did that one time and it was rather traumatic on my sensitive bits. If you know what I mean. They don’t tell you that before you agree to go. I don’t know why tubing is considered a fun leisure activity.  Anyway,  it’ll also be really good to see our friends. They live in New York City, but we don’t get to see them much. New York sounds good in theory, but when you’re there you spend a lot of money on food/going out and it’s always kind of uncomfortable when you stay with friends because everyone has a small apartment and at least 14 roommates. But obviously to stay in a hotel you’re basically forced to sell your car, your jewelry, and maybe your first-born child. So it’s nice to be able to visit with them where it’s inexpensive and everyone can have his/her own space. Although, we should probably just suck it up and go to New York more even though you’re sleeping on someone’s floor basically on top of your friends and their roommates. Life is short. No room for divas.

What are your plans for this pre-Fourth weekend? Can someone make a rule that says that if the Fourth is during the week then the holiday becomes the Second of July? Okay, so maybe this person I was talking with was on to something…


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