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The Time Flava Flav and I Matched

This past weekend was the rock station I work for’s big summer concert. The show was amazing and many exciting things happened. In no particular order they were: 1.) I got to stand on stage as Walk the Moon performed. They were so awesome. I was blown away. Sometimes a band is great on the […]

Diary of a True English Nerd: I Couldn't Read 50 Shades of Grey

The phenomenon that is 50 Shades of Grey is sweeping the nation, and like any good bandwagoner I was ready to jump on board. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. If this book was good enough for the likes of Bethenny Frankel and the Victoria’s Secret Angels, then it was good […]


You guys! I HAVE EXCITING NEWS! I’ll get right down to bidness here: I’ve accepted a position at Grammar Chic as an associate writer and editor.   If you haven’t heard of Grammar Chic, check them out. They are fun and awesome and do great work (writing). I am so beyond excited. I start in two […]

You Can Talk Yourself Into (Or Out Of) Anything…

I’ve realized that you can literally talk yourself into or out of anything. It’s true. Want to move to that new city? Go after that guy you’ve always had a crush on? Ask for a raise? You can work up the nerve to do it. Yeah, it might make you sweat and stay awake at […]

Ryan Gosling Might Be Poisoning Your Brain….

Discovering things like this computer decal makes sifting through the workouts I’ll never do and the recipes I’ll never make worthwhile as I browse Pinterest. How cute and unique is this? Can you imagine how many people would come up to you to comment on your wit and appreciation of children’s literature? I want. I […]