Watch a 32-Year-Old Actually "Talk" to His 12-Year-Old Self. Coolest Thing I've Seen in a While

In my Internet travels last night I stumbled upon this video. Normally I hate when people are like “OHMYGODD you have to watch this YouTube video!” but seriously….you have to watch this YouTube video.

This guy, Jeremiah, is 32 now, but when he was 12 he recorded a video talking to his future self. The video is edited together so it features his 12-year-old self having a conversation with his current self and it is funny, thought-provoking and amazing. The two Jeremiahs ask and answer each other’s questions. For example, young Jeremiah asks adult Jeremiah if the family dog is still alive. Adult Jeremiah sarcastically explains that dogs don’t live that long, and then asks if all the questions will be about pets. They argue about who has possession of a Star Wars figurine.

How cool is this kid for thinking of doing this? Actually, I did write myself a letter when I was in 5th grade as part of a class project. We buried all the letters in a time capsule and were supposed to open it when we graduated but then our teacher left and I think no one but me remembered the project, let alone where the capsule was buried so…it was a fail all around. Sad. I wonder what I said to myself.

I would LOVE to have a video of my 12-year-old self talking to my grown-up self. I’m sure I would have been very concerned about whether my boyfriend and I stayed together. For the record: we dated throughout 7th and 8th grade, okay? We were the Brad and Angelina of our time. At the same time, it’s probably for the best that I didn’t have access to a flip cam and YouTube because there would have been so many embarrassing music videos/other rambling videos created.  Lack of Internet helped save me from myself.

What do you think your 12-year-old self would have asked your grown up self? And seriously, how cool is that video?

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