You Can Talk Yourself Into (Or Out Of) Anything…

I’ve realized that you can literally talk yourself into or out of anything. It’s true. Want to move to that new city? Go after that guy you’ve always had a crush on? Ask for a raise? You can work up the nerve to do it. Yeah, it might make you sweat and stay awake at night. But you can do it. And now that you know this, you need to use your powers for good and not evil.

I actually realized this magical little brain trick by accident. It started on a relatively small scale. I was working on a writing assignment about root canals. This probably makes no sense, but just roll with it, okay? The details don’t matter. I was writing about root canals and you were accepting that fact and reading on. Anyway, I had spent many hours writing about root canals and what goes into getting a root canal. I was writing about symptoms and side effects and blah blahblah. Okay, assignment was done. Sent it in. I was absentmindedly tapping a pen against my teeth and suddenly I felt an

How good is Shel?

intense twinge of pain on my right vampire tooth. You know, that sharp pointy tooth. Is it called a canine tooth? I think so. But canine tooth makes me feel like a dog and vampire tooth makes me feel like a Cullen, so we shall call it a vampire tooth. This was no ordinary pain. This was a serious pain. I was startled. I tapped the tooth again. Intense, stabbing pain. I tapped the other teeth as a test. Nothing. Just felt like a pen hitting teeth. Instantly, I knew I needed a root canal on that one vampire tooth.

I thought back to the research I had done. Sensitivity to the touch was a huge symptom. Clearly I had that. What else could this be? A root canal was necessary.

Should I call my dentist? I had an appointment with him in August. But by then it might be too late. I summoned my mom into my office.

“I need a root canal,” I announced.

“What are you talking about?” she asked, not alarmed because I have body problems and also always think I have some sort of illness that I usually don’t have. Also, as of three days ago she thought I needed to have my gall bladder removed so this was small potatoes compared to that.

“I need a root canal. I’ve just done all this research about it and now my tooth hurts a lot when you tap on it like this,” I said as I demonstrated.

“Well then don’t do that. No one goes around tapping pens on their teeth all day. Just leave it alone.”

She had a point. But in my heart, I knew that a root canal was in my future.

I woke up today and the pain was fine. Tapping the tooth was relatively uneventful. I don’t need a root canal. I probably just bit into something weird or have been grinding my teeth at night as I’m known to do. But this taught me an important lesson. When you believe something, you make it reality. For better or for worse. This goes along with my post about analysis paralysis. As I’ve been trying to plan my life out a bit more, I’m realizing that your mind can either be your best tool or your own worst enemy. You can convince yourself that you’re able to do anything, go anywhere, and get whatever you want. You can make dreams and desires seem achievable and entirely reachable. On the other hand you can convince yourself that this option won’t work, you won’t get that job, and you’ll never be able to leave your current situation. All of this can happen without even consulting another person or doing any research to back up your opinion.

Yeah, maybe convincing yourself that you need a root canal isn’t a huge deal. The next day I woke up and realized I was being a hypochondriac drama queen. On to the next thing. But when you play Jedi mind tricks on yourself like that, you’re able to talk yourself into and out of situations. What starts as a root canal then becomes bigger scarier things. Or becomes bigger, more negative thoughts. You have to keep your mind in check and keep a sense of what’s true and what’s not. Or make sure you’re using that power for positive, motivational purposes.

Do you believe in your ability to persuade yourself?

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  1. All the time Lauren. I had to train my mind to try and always think positively. It tooks years of hard work and you can never let it slip but its the only way to avoid the slow spiral down the other way. Glass half full instead of half empty is the way to go if you can. It’s amazing how many diseases you avoid telling yourself you have by going that way! 😉

    Love it

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