You guys! I HAVE EXCITING NEWS! I’ll get right down to bidness here: I’ve accepted a position at Grammar Chic as an associate writer and editor.   If you haven’t heard of Grammar Chic, check them out. They are fun and awesome and do great work (writing). I am so beyond excited. I start in two weeks and it’s going to be grand.

I’ve been at my current job for a little more than two years and I’d been dying for a full-time writing gig. I was getting increasingly frustrated because I knew exactly what I wanted to do every day but I wasn’t doing it. I desperately needed a change of scenery and I needed to be writing full-time. I would come home every day and just flop into bed with no energy. I was uninspired and, frankly, I was becoming uninspiring. Finally I said to my self, “Self…what is keeping you in this position? Who is stopping you? No one.” And I started looking for jobs. While I was physically looking, deep down I always just kind of thought I wouldn’t find anything and would be stuck in a job I wasn’t truly passionate about forever. That self doubt was killer. To me, there’s nothing scarier than spending every day doing something you don’t really love. It just turns you into a flat, lifeless person. I saw myself becoming that and I started to get really freaked out. When I gave myself an ulcer–okay, maybe I wasn’t totally responsible but I think my stress greatly contributed— it was really eye-opening and I realized I needed to make a serious change.

No more going about a day just to get it done. I wanted to have a job that made me excited. I wasn’t going to assume that I couldn’t get a new job. I was going to try. If I wanted to write, I was going to make that happen. Going about trying to make a change instantly made me feel more energized.

So now here I am. I am so beyond excited to get to get paid to write for a living. I get to work from home so I don’t have to worry about doing long distance with Chris right now, which is nice because it was something I was a bit worried about. The people at Grammar Chic seem amazing and fun and I feel good about the work environment. I feel really good about my decision.

The idea of leaving my parents’ company and the only “real” job I’ve ever known definitely scares me. This job is about as safe and secure and comfy as it gets. I’m comfortable with the people and have made friends and have a routine. In a way, none of this change even feels real. Soon I’ll just be a memo in everyone’s inbox that explains that I’m leaving and when my last day will be. Those memos are reserved for other people, never for me. I could never leave. But I am. And I’m going to. And it’s going to be good and healthy and necessary.

I’m trying to think about it like a pair of jeans. Jeans are so awesome when they get all broken in. But, there comes a point when they’re almost TOO broken in. Yeah, they’re super comfy and almost feel like sweatpants, but then they get a little too sloppy and stop flattering your body. Then you know it’s time to throw them in the wash again or get a new pair that fits just a LITTLE tighter and is a LITTLE sexier. That’s how I feel. Yeah, this job and this situation was super comfy, but comfy isn’t always good. Excitement is good. Passion is good. Risk-taking (in proper doses) is good.

If you’re feeling like I was feeling and you think you’re maybe getting stuck or need to shake things up, do it. Just go for it. It can be done. Believe me, if I can do it then you can do it. Take a small step, something manageable, and do it. Do something you’ve never done before. Go out to eat alone, take a class, ask that nice friend of a friend out for coffee, consider grad school, think about moving, think about changing jobs. Even just considering a change makes you feel empowered. It’s amazing how much change, even a small change, can alter your attitude and improve your energy level.

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Hope you’re having a good week!

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  1. Congrats Lauren! It can be so hard to step out of your comfort zone. I’ve definitely noticed this in myself as I’ve tried to make new friends post-college. It seemed so much easier in college because I felt everyone was looking for friends but now everyone seems so established. I know I need to push myself out of my comfort zone!

  2. Congratulations, that’s so exciting!

  3. Congratulations Lauren! That’s brilliant news you star!

  4. ljmlevine says:

    Thank you so much, you guys! I really appreciate the support. Alyssa, I DEFINITELY know what you’re saying about making friends in post-college life. It’s a lot harder than it was when you were all in the same dorm/major or out at the same bars and parties. I can completely relate to that!

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