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What's Your Emotional Age?

The other day I read an article that was talking about emotional age. It was asking how old you’d guess you were if you had no clue about your actual physical age. I thought this was a really interesting concept and it got me thinking…how old do I feel? If I had no idea that […]

If You Love Coffee As Much As I Do, You'll Want to Drink This

I consider myself a pretty serious coffee drinker. Part of it may be an occupational hazard–after all, what is a writer without a coffee habit?—but I think it’s mostly just a “me” thing. I love coffee. I like the way it smells, I like the way it tastes. I like how coffee drinking is a […]

Find the New Mr. Right

I’ve been thinking a lot about marriages and relationships lately. More specifically, what makes a marriage last and what makes a good relationship. My parents have been married for more than thirty years, so I rely pretty heavily on my mom for relationship advice. Yesterday she explained that she believes a relationship should be 85% […]

New Words to Live By

I’m a big fan of inspirational and motivational quotes. I keep a file of them in a Word document on my computer so I can read a few when I need a little extra boost of happy times. The quotes come from everywhere. Musicians, philosophers, Rev. Run (smart dude) it doesn’t matter. A few weeks […]

Do You Get Caught Up in the Moment?

I saw this on Pinterest the other day and it really stuck with me: When I think back to middle school or high school and important moments during these periods in my life, I realize that (for the most part) I didn’t get how significant many of these times were until I had many months […]