I'm Still Not Over Music Videos

As a 90s kid, I spent a fair share of my time watching MTV’s Making the Video. I knew everything that went on behind the scenes of Britney’s “Oops! I Did It Again” video shoot. Like how a camera dropped on her head and she needed stitches. I knew she shot with famed director Nigel Dick. I knew about how they played the song so the artist could mouth along. I knew the commands “ROLL PLAYBACK!” and “CUT!” I watched how they made that spinning room happen on *N Sync’s “Bye, Bye, Bye” shoot. I felt fairly certain that, even with no training, I could create a good music video.

Later in life, I would actually go on to create a few music videos with my friend Jackie using a camera her parents got her for her birthday and her house and neighborhood as a backdrop. Luckily, YouTube was still about two years away from existing because I was embarrassing and thought I was way cooler than I was, and also would need to seek full-time employment at some point. So, yeah. It all worked out for the best. At that time in my life, I would perfect my sexy yet somewhat angsty singing face. The model being this:

I would also perfect the serious, soulful head tilt. The model was this:

Okay, so yeah. I guess we’ve established that I just wanted to be Britney. I would watch the VMAs and memorize the outfits and the moments. When *N Sync received an award and Justin added at the end of his speech “And I love you” as he pointed at Britney? Yeah, I died. And maybe still try to find that moment captured on YouTube. It’s fine. The point is that music videos were a huge part of my life. I used to imagine that I would have a long and prosperous career as a music video director. Not a film director. Not a director of hit TV shows. Just a music video director.

Somewhere along the way I realized that there probably wasn’t a high demand for music video directors. You probably wouldn’t hear an ad on the radio expressing an urgent need for music video directors. In fact, were music videos even a thing anymore? I couldn’t be sure. I knew I was still really into them. But I didn’t know.

Yet, even ten (or more) years later I still find myself watching music videos. If I love a song, I immediately want to watch the music video attached to that song. It helps me understand the song and the band or artist better. I love a music video with a really cool concept, like AWOLNATION’s “Sail.” I don’t know if music videos are a thing of the past. I kind of think yes, that they’ve been taken over by reality TV. But part of me hopes that they haven’t fallen by the wayside, because there’s something really cool about seeing a band/artist you love perform their song in a cool, artistic mini movie.

ALSO! Just discovered this song: Alex Clare’s “Too Close”, you probably know it from (I believe) the Internet Explorer commercial. Every time I hear it I’m like “God! What is that song!? I love it!” but then I forget to Google it. Well, an ad for it just came up before the AWOLNATION video and now I found it and have it on my iTunes. See? Music videos do a world of good.

Do you still watch them?

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