Do You Get Caught Up in the Moment?

I saw this on Pinterest the other day and it really stuck with me:

When I think back to middle school or high school and important moments during these periods in my life, I realize that (for the most part) I didn’t get how significant many of these times were until I had many months or even years separating me and that particular moment.

Important conversations with friends, specific events at parties I went to, moving in to my dorm room, high school graduation. The types of events I’m talking about really vary. Sure, I knew some of these moments were significant, but I couldn’t really grasp their full weight until I looked back. And I probably had no idea that one conversation or one kiss or one message would end up carrying so much weight. Now these moments stand lit against a haze of blended, smudged memories in my mind. They stand in stark contrast to random coffee dates I won’t matter or stupid, catty fights that don’t matter anymore.

Lately I’ve been trying to be more conscious of the moment I’m in. I’m working on grasping the full impact of that moment. I get really excited about things, so a lot of the time I’m so full of excitement that I end up just pushing along to the next thing and I forget to enjoy what’s currently happening. I don’t take time to really savor it and think about it. Then later I look back and I’m like, “Damn. That was an important/funny/sweet/significant/cool/interesting thing. I should have enjoyed it more.”

I’m working on it though. When I got my job offer, I reacted like I had just won American Idol. I was sitting in my car in a parking lot. I hung up the phone with my new boss, checked to make sure she wasn’t still on the line, then screamed and cried. I was sweating a lot. I slammed the steering wheel and shook my whole body around. After I was done with this quirky little spasm I stopped and thought to myself, “This is an important moment. And I’m enjoying it.”

It felt good to take a second after the excitement had faded to just enjoy things before I moved on to the next event.

Last night I was with my friend as she took a phone call accepting a job offer. We were freaking out and excited. It’s a huge milestone in her life and I was really glad I could be there for it. As I was driving home I thought to myself, “I’m probably going to remember this night for a while, even after she’s been working full-time for years.”

It was special to see someone I’ve grown up with get her dream job and start that phase of her life. And I was there right as it was unfolding. A big moment, I’d say.

It just feels good to stop and recognize important instances in your life. It makes them feel more special. It doesn’t do a special moment justice if you just perform the actions required of the moment and then immediately move on. Special things deserve a little savoring and recognition.

Do you try to recognize special moments? Do you have to make a conscious effort to do it?

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