If You Love Coffee As Much As I Do, You'll Want to Drink This

I consider myself a pretty serious coffee drinker. Part of it may be an occupational hazard–after all, what is a writer without a coffee habit?—but I think it’s mostly just a “me” thing. I love coffee. I like the way it smells, I like the way it tastes. I like how coffee drinking is a social thing. I’m just an all-around coffee enthusiast. I love coffee so much that you could probably make the case that my excessive consumption is part of what caused my ulcer. When I ended up spending eight hours in the ER getting said ulcer diagnosed, doctors told me I should seriously cut back on my coffee consumption. Maybe stop entirely. I nodded enthusiastically along with their instructions and then went from drinking three cups a day to maybe only one or two. Progress, right?

The point of this rant is to emphasize that I have a serious appreciation for a good cup o’ joe, as they say. I got to test some coffee from the nice people at The Don Tomas Coffee Company. They were generous enough to send me two big bags of the Original Family Blend to sample. One bag was a Medium Signature roast and the other was a Dark French Roast. I was really impressed with both. The Medium Signature was delicious. Not too bitter like some coffees can be. It was flavorful and a little sweet, but not overpowering. Definitely a good Monday morning coffee. I think the Dark French Roast was my favorite though. It was a little bolder than the Medium Signature and it had a chocolate-y hint to it. My boyfriend is NOT a coffee drinker at all (never ever) but even he said, “Wow, that smells really good!” I was shocked.

The other thing I enjoyed (this may sound dumb) is that the blends didn’t make me feel jittery. Obviously I know you’re drinking coffee for the caffeine. You want that energy burst. But sometimes when I have coffee from coffee shops I literally feel like I’m crawling out of my skin. This coffee perked me up and made an early morning easier, but I wasn’t working to keep my fingers steady.

I was definitely a fan of the Don Tomas Coffee Company’s products. If you’re a coffee drinker looking for something new to try, check their stuff out!

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  1. I hate that jittery coffee feeling. When I was in school and working part time at the hospital, there was this great coffee place where you could get drip brewed coffee. I loved how it tasted and smelled but if I drank my whole small cup I would feel so shaky and almost sick to my stomach. So now I mostly just stick to crappy coffee to avoid that feeling 🙁

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