How Britney Spears Would Be Different If She Became Famous in 2012

Sometimes I think about the “golden days” of middle school and high school. Times were simpler then. If you had a crush, you had to call his house and run the risk of his parents answering the phone. If you were feeling emo, there was always an away message and some song lyrics to express your thoughts. You knew where you stood with your friend because your initials were listed on the bottom of her AIM profile. Depending on the day, you were either at the top of the list or rounding out the bottom.

As we moved to high school, things got more complicated. You had to deal with dating and SATs and identity crises. But, in the end, didn’t we all just want to have a life like the kids on Laguna Beach? I mean their parents sent them to Cabo alone for the weekend. They had “black and white” parties. And they had the best dinner dates with attractive people and just-dramatic-enough long pauses. They had it made.

It’s strange to think about how much has since our middle school and high school days. It hasn’t been that long since we were in school, but the world is so different. Now you can capture every meal you make on Instagram. If you don’t post about something in a Facebook status or a tweet, did it really happen at all? You check in to receive free drinks and discounts at your favorite places. And none of the words I just mentioned even existed ten years ago. Mind blowing, right?

Glamor helped put the world’s developments into perspective with this article called 15 Ways Britney Spears Would Be Different If She Came Up Today. The article points out that Ms. Spears’s bellybutton ring and lower back tattoo would hardly be cause for a

Cool recent pic I found of Brit Brit

tabloid scandal anymore. When Brit Brit first became popular she was criticized for her belly-baring outfits and her ink. People questioned whether she had breast implants and whether she was a bad role model. Today she would just be another Miley Cyrus or Demi Lovato. Her e-mail exchanges with Prince William (remember that?) would be nothing. Britney’s early songs were also tame compared to today’s material. Her song “Soda Pop” doesn’t seem quite as scandalous as Miley Cyrus’s “Can’t Be Tamed.”And her song “E-mail My Heart” just doesn’t translate in a world where e-mails are reserved for work and notifications about sales at Banana Republic, Sephora, and every other store that somehow managed to get ahold of my e-mail address. Yes, things certainly have evolved since Britney stormed onto the scene in her plaid skirt and her hair fluffies. But I’m glad she came aboard when she did. I don’t know where we would be if she and Justin Timberlake didn’t show up to an awards show in matching denim ensembles. Or what if all those Rolling Stone covers hadn’t happened? The world we be a much different place. She and her hair extensions truly set the tone for a generation of popstars to come.

Do you miss the good ole days of the white crop tops in the “Sometimes” music video (or the movie “Crossroads”) or are you happy in your Twitter-saturated, One Direction-filled world?

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  1. I was just thinking about this the other day! And remember how “back in the day”, we had some kind of imaginary image of how our favorite celebrities were? Now, we can practically stalk them on twitter depending on how much they want to tell us! And sometimes you find out how they really are, and they seem as petty as someone you went to high school with! haha. I’m not saying how celebrities aren’t normal people, but I remember how mysterious they used to seem. We’d read about them in magazines, interviews, etc. We’d go on music tv networks and wait for our favorite music video to come on. Now we can just youtube it. The internet is awesome now, but sometimes you miss the good ol’ 90s 😉

    • This is so true, Cherie! I used to devour every magazine interview with Britney just trying to find out new information about her. Now if you want to know about a celebrity you just go on their Twitter/Facebook page. Things are SO different. Makes me feel old, but this was only a few years ago! I agree, the 90s were fun=)

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