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A Different Perspective on Being The Reliable Friend

Happy Halloween, my little goblins and ghouls! Hope you all had an enjoyable Halloweekend and, most importantly, I hope that you are safe and dry, wherever you are. I know that many of my friends are still feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy. If you’re in the same situation, I’m sending positive thoughts your way […]

Five Things You Should Do Before Getting Married

Every time I check the mailbox lately I feel as though I stumble upon another “Save the Date” card. Whether it’s from a friend or a family member, they’re there in full force. Huge props to everyone getting married, love is a wonderful thing and I am all about a good wedding celebration as you […]

Five Ways to Improve Your Relationship

When you’ve been dating someone for a while, you know that relationships are not effortless. See, the honeymoon phase is actually real. When you start a new relationship, you’re intrigued by each other. Life is easy. You both try hard to look and smell good all the time, and you’re out doing fun things. Multiple […]

I Just Found Out There's No Such Thing as the Real World

The further I get from college (sniff) the more I realize that reality is not actually a thing. What I mean by that is this: what works for me is completely different from what works for you. What makes me happy may be the total opposite of what makes you happy. Sure, we all want […]

Why Today Should Be a Party

The great philosopher Paris Hilton once said, “Live every day like it’s your birthday.” While I can’t say that this girl has one of the great minds of her time, I do have to agree with her on this belief. Lately I’ve realized how important it is to place value on small moments. You have […]