What's Tying You Down?

I’m ready for some big changes in my life. Lately I’ve been saying it (typing it) as much as possible, so that I can come to terms with it myself. I am not a big fan of change normally, but I know that it’s necessary in order for me to continue growing. But I also know that if I don’t force myself to make some changes, I’ll keep living the same comfortable existence I’ve always lived. That’s why I keep trying to verbalize the need for change as much as possible.

A few months ago I got a new job. That helped immensely and gave me a new perspective on life. Now I’m ready to change my location. I’ve lived in this city my entire life and it’s starting to feel like that movie “Groundhog Day” where they just repeat the same day over and over again. Having a new job helps my situation because I do feel like I’m learning and growing as a writer. However, I know that I’m getting too comfortable with life in general. I go to the same stores and see the same things that I’ve always seen. I desperately need a change of scenery. I’m itching for it. While I don’t handle change well, I’m starting to crave that feeling of being kept on your toes that happens when you arrive in a new place. The fact that I know very few people in the area anymore is making it easier to leave.

I’ve spent some time talking with friends about change as I’m trying to work through this period in my life. While we’re all in different situations, it seems that we’re all sharing the feeling of getting comfortable. We know we need change, but it’s hard to make it happen. We’re young, we have no kids, we have few real responsibilities, yet we still feel so tied to one area or another. Why is this? What makes you feel tied to an area? Is it a lease on an apartment? Is it a job? Is it a group of friends? Is it money-related?

It’s important to feel like you have ties somewhere–you don’t want to spend your whole life drifting aimlessly like a nomad–but at the same time, you don’t want to overstay your welcome in a place that you don’t really care about just because moving would require you to feel uncomfortable. It’s important to constantly analyze your situation. Make sure it’s making you happy and giving you what you need. If not, don’t be afraid to look for other options. Post-college is the time to take risks, try out new places, and see new sights, even if it does feel intimidating or risky. Think about what’s keeping you in one place, and make sure you’re tied there for the right reason. If not, switch it up.

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