Ode to Carrie Underwood

Today I sat on my couch after work–which is different from sitting on my couch as I work, which also happens now that I work from home–and I watched the Carrie Underwood “Behind the Music” special on VH1 and I cried my eyes out. They were happy tears, of course. And some tears of jealousy, maybe. But seriously, girlfriend is so inspirational. She always wanted to be a singer but never had substantial success so she went to college to get a “real” job as a journalist. On a whim, she tried out for “Idol” and the rest, as they say, is history.

In her interviews Carrie seemed so down-to-earth and genuine. She kept tearing up as she talked about her good fortune and success. You can tell she truly loves what she does and worked her cute and perky butt off to get there. She talked about how she did have good luck, but she was also extremely determined. Her motivational sentiments made me want to get off my couch and start writing. Thanks, Carrie.

What really got me was her relationship with her husband. They are so adorable. Beyond. Like, passed adorable four exits ago. You can tell they’re not in this for the publicity. The way he talks about her and vice versa? Swoon. At one point she said, “I never thought I needed a man to make me happy, but I need that man. That one in particular.” And I just about lost it. Though she’s a country/pop star and he’s a successful hockey player, they both seem to have good values and care about their families. When you strip away the hair extensions and the fake tan, she’s a normal wife who loves her husband. He’s a man who adores his lady. I’m obsessed.

She talks about her failed relationships and she’s not bitter or anything. She’s not Taylor Swift-ing out about them. She just used them to lead her to her husband.

Lastly, her body. Seriously. How are her legs real? She was always in good shape, but she has evolved since her “Idol” days and her roots as an Oklahoma farm girl. She’s not a little stick, which is good because I don’t like that look. She’s muscular and I have serious leg envy.

Yes, Carrie Underwood is my new girl crush. Sweet, appreciative, super-talented, with a killer body. She’s actually perfect, I think. What more can I say?


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  1. She does have some amazing legs. Nobody can rock cutoff jeans and cowboy boots like her!

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