Why Today Should Be a Party

The great philosopher Paris Hilton once said, “Live every day like it’s your birthday.” While I can’t say that this girl has one of the great minds of her time, I do have to agree with her on this belief. Lately I’ve realized how important it is to place value on small moments. You have to make a party out of the little things in life. Here’s what I mean by that: we place such a heavy emphasis on big, traditional holidays. New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, they’re all so important and we get so hyper about them and spend $100 on dinner and buy a new dress. Then when they don’t go exactly as we’d planned in our heads we get all disappointed. Why? Why do we do this to ourselves? Instead, let’s turn all that energy and “party mode” focus on big holidays into creating special moments out of more ordinary occurrences in our daily lives.

You got a raise? I’ll buy your favorite type of Skinnygirl cocktails and let’s celebrate. You beat your personal best at the gym? Let’s make a healthy new dessert recipe. I understand that these are not necessarily New Year’s Eve-style “parties,” but they’re still things that mark the significance of an accomplishment, no matter how small. They make an “ordinary” day fun and they make you feel good about your achievements.

Celebrating smaller things also helps to take the pressure off of big moments. If you’re having celebrations year-round, things like New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day don’t matter as much because, hey, you’re always celebrating. Life is a party. You don’t need some stupid commercial holiday to go exactly according to plan. You make your own party, honey.

What do you think about this “life’s a party” mentality? With a fast-paced world and a lot of pressure on all of us, I think it’s important. Agree?

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