Archives for November 2012

Okay, So Maybe Networking Isn't So Bad

As a natural introvert, the idea of marching up to a stranger and striking up a conversation is enough to make me break out in a nervous sweat. While other kids were put on leashes because they would run wild around the stores in the mall, you could always find me right by my mom’s […]

Are You Too Connected?

Do you ever feel like you’re too connected? At any given moment, you can read every thought of half of your graduating class. No matter what part of the world you’re in, someone can find a way to reach you. Sign on to Twitter and ten minutes later, 300 new tweets appear. In a way, […]

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll keep this snappy because my parents are currently sitting outside my apartment waiting for me so we can go stuff our faces with turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie dip, and other yummy things, but I hope you all have a wonderful day with the people you love the most. I am truly […]

Does My Hatred for the Phone Make me an Abnormal Female?

I am a female yet I hate talking on the phone. I know these two statements seem to contradict each other, but somehow they’re true. Because every other female I know loves to talk on the phone, I often wonder if there’s something wrong with me. Be honest, when have you ever met a girl […]

Hey! Your Relationship Shouldn't be a "DIY" Project

I’ve realized that I’m a “fixer” by nature. Maybe a “nurturer” is a better word, but whatever it is it’s got to change. I think there’s something about the female DNA that makes us enjoy a good DIY project. Whether it’s a new way to organize our closet or the thought of helping to correct […]