I Don't Normally Do Foodie Posts But….

I don’t normally do posts about food, because I know that food bloggers do those posts more justice than I ever could, but I felt I had to make an exception in light of recent discoveries. I was trolling the candy/sweets aisle one day when I stumbled upon this

It was located next to the Nutella, which immediately got me interested. I LOVE Nutella, and if this stuff was even closely related then I was sold. I bought a jar and it turns out it was a great choice. No, a life changing choice. This stuff basically tastes like crushed up cookies. Even Chris, a longtime Nutella hater (I know, right?), was sold. I literally have no idea what this even is or where it comes from, but you should buy some. Best impulse buy I’ve had in a while.

On that same fateful trip to the store, I also snagged these guys:

Pumpkin Spice English Muffins!? Um, yes please. Obviously, they’re Limited Edition like anything else Pumpkin Spice-related. Honestly, if I were a food manufacturer, I would just come out with an entire line of pumpkin stuff and sell it to twenty-somethings. We’re crazy for this stuff; don’t limit it. Come on now. So anyway, these things were a huge success. I went back and bought three more bags to stockpile in my freezer when the snow falls and they decide pumpkin-y things must go away for the season.

So those are my non-food blogger recommendations for the next time you’re cruising the aisles at the grocery store. If you have any recommendations for me, send them my way!

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