Is It Possible to Be TOO Goal-Oriented?

This past weekend I was at an alumni event at my alma mater. The list of attendees was impressive to say the least. As I was hearing about how all of these people got their start, it really struck me how very few people encounter a “big break.” As a culture, I think we’re obsessed with this concept of shooting to stardom overnight. We love hearing stories of supermodels getting discovered in shopping malls. We love when American Idol winners turn out to be Carrie Underwood. Everyone loves an instant success story. But you have to realize that not every huge career happens in a matter of months.

If you’ve been working at getting your dream job for a few years and it hasn’t happened yet, keep working. It’s easy to read about someone like Steve Jobs or Oprah or other people with admirable careers and think, “Wow. I want that.” But you can’t skip over all of the stuff that came before their huge success. You have to remember that these things don’t usually just develop overnight. Reality shows and other things give us a false sense of how long a career takes to develop, so it’s important to keep it in check when you’re trying to launch your own career.

With that said, there’s a fine line between staying focused as you build your career and letting your dreams take control of your life. Yes, it is possible to be too goal-oriented. If you’re constantly focusing on the next big career goal, you’ll never feel satisfied. You want to keep growing and reaching for something bigger than what you’ve already accomplished, but as you do that, don’t forget to step back and look at how far you’ve come. Things you’d once only dreamed about are now things that you’ve accomplished. Take time to appreciate what you’ve done and how you’ve grown as you keep moving towards your ultimate goal.

Do you ever get caught up in this “overnight celebrity” mentality? How do you stay focused on your career goals while still appreciating what you’ve got going on right now?

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