Does My Hatred for the Phone Make me an Abnormal Female?

I am a female yet I hate talking on the phone. I know these two statements seem to contradict each other, but somehow they’re true. Because every other female I know loves to talk on the phone, I often wonder if there’s something wrong with me. Be honest, when have you ever met a girl who hates talking on the phone? Every teenage girl movie character is constantly battling her brother for possession of the phone. This love of phone talk is supposed to be part of our DNA. Yet I will text all day every day, but when I see my phone ringing and I know the person is calling “just to talk” I get super uneasy. Why? Obviously I know the person on the other end very well. I’m very glad to hear from them, that’s not the problem. In fact, I can’t even really identify what the problem is. I’m just super awkward on the phone. Why? I’m not awkward in real life. Why should I be awkward on the phone? There’s no logical explanation.

Actually, The Oatmeal has a good cartoon that explains several of the reasons why I have an extreme hatred toward talking on the phone. Check it out.

For me, I think I have a problem with the awkward silences. I always feel like I have to interject just so there’s no weird pause. The other thing is this: I never know when it’s appropriate to end a conversation. Therefore, I feel the need to keep the conversation going on for wayyyy too long. I feel rude being like “Okay, I have to go.” I mean, doesn’t that seem a little offensive? “Wow, your story was really great. So great that I remembered I have to go watch the episode of Teen Mom 2 that’s waiting for me on my DVR.” Just kidding, I watch every Teen Mom 2 episode live. But you get the idea. I hate doing that to my friends. When we’re in person it’s easier to figure out when it’s time to leave the restaurant or depart from the mall or the gym or wherever we may be. That natural feeling doesn’t come up as easily in phone conversations.

The other bad thing is this: Sometimes I can tell the other person is waiting for me to end the call. Then it becomes a marathon of a conversation since I’m hesitant to pull the trigger. After these talks, I get off the phone looking as though I’ve been through a battle. I’m starving, my hair’s messed up, I’m sweaty. It’s bad.

Today, my trusty iPhone finally started to fail me. Texts won’t send, apps close for no reason, and calls get dropped without warning. While this is aggravating because it means a trip to the Apple Store is in my future, it’s also slightly refreshing. A.) Because I’m in the midst of technology overload and B.) Because I have an excuse for why I can’t talk on the phone “just to catch up”

With all of that said, I know that talking on the phone is important. Texting and Facebook and e-mail are great, but there’s really no substitute for a phone conversation, and it’s even better when you can Skype. This is why I put aside my slightly neurotic tendencies to have a “phone date” with my friends. Yeah, I hate awkward pauses. Yeah, I never know when to hang up. But it keeps long-distance friendships strong and that’s way beyond worth it to me.

Do you hate the phone or am I alone in my strange feelings of dread toward this device?

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  1. I swear reading all of your posts I’m like… that is so me! I am the same way. The only time I like talking on the phone to close friends is when I have to drive a long distance and would be bored otherwise. The phone is just so awkward.

    • SO awkward! I agree, long distances make the phone semi-tolerable otherwise…not a fan. Have a good one, Lauren. Tell your neighbors hello for me haha

  2. I like talking to very few people on the phone, but it can’t be too often. My boyfriend and I talk about twice a week on the phone and we seriously have so many awkward pauses that they aren’t even awkward anymore. With most people, the awkward pauses are enough to make me say, “Well, I gotta go” without even an excuse.

    • I can definitely relate to that, Alyssa! You’re right though, luckily with some people (like a boyfriend) those awkward pauses don’t matter anymore. Thanks for reading!

  3. Christian Henson says:

    Lauren I feel the same way! It’s tough when you are from Texas and went to school in New York. Lots of people want to talk on the phone. I also hate shopping. We are freaks

    • Hi Christian! HAHA! Love this comment. We definitely are! It’s totally fine though. Glad to hear I’m not the only strange one=)
      Have a great day

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