One Direction Makes Me Glad My Younger Self Didn't Have Access to Twitter

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There was a One Direction concert last night in New York City, and if you spent time on Twitter you probably read about it. And by read about it, I mean stumbled across tweets from hormonally charged preteens with twitter handles like Mrs. 1D. I’ll admit, I’m a fan of these boys’ music, but I feel like a complete creepmaster flex for liking them since they seem so…young. Even though they’re not that much older than me (and Taylor Swift clearly sees no problem with liking them) I still feel creepy when I find myself ellipticalling along to their music at the gym. But I feel like it’s okay since I just like their music, right? Right. Anyway, regardless of my feelings about One Direction, I can tell you one thing: I praise the technology gods for not giving preteen Lauren and her preteen friends access to things like YouTube and Twitter. Otherwise, none of us would have gotten into college and none of us would have jobs now. We would have embarrassed ourselves permanently. Unfortunately for today’s preteens, they have this ability, and they may not even realize it.

Look, I’m not easily offended, but some of the tweets I read about the various members of One Direction literally had me turning bright red. I couldn’t imagine my 12-year-old self saying these things about Nick Carter and Justin Timberlake. I think part of it is that this generation of preteens is maturing a lot faster than my classmates and I did. But mostly, I think it’s that we didn’t have things like Twitter and YouTube and Facebook. By the time MySpace came out, I was already a senior in high school. I had concern for getting into college and getting a job, so I was (fairly) careful with my comments online. These guys? Utter disregard. Lusty comments all over the place.

Honestly, seeing these things makes me thank my lucky stars that all of the embarrassing music videos my friends and I made where we thought we had Britney Spears-esque dance moves are long dead and gone, never to be uncovered by future employers. Any comments I may or may not have made about the demise of Nick and Jessica or how gorg Carson Daly was got left behind at the start of the new millennium. The lack of technology helped to save me from myself.

While I’m jealous that these preteens never have to experience the fear of calling a crush and having their parent pick up, or writing a note to a friend in class that your teacher intercepts, I also have a lot of sympathy for them. They have a lot of power because of all of their technology, and they’re probably going to experience some growing pains as they figure out how to use it properly.

Are you glad you didn’t grow up in an era with all of these fun toys? How would life have been different for you if you could have tweeted directly at J Timberlake? ::shiver:: He’d probably have gotten a restraining order.


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