The Search for Perfect Skin

The saying “youth is wasted on the young” is so true. Throughout middle school and high school I had perfect skin, and never appreciated a second of it. But it seems like as soon as I turned 20, my skin took a turn for the…breakout-prone. Because of this, I’m on a quest to find the best skin care products that our fine nation has to offer. I’m always determined to keep my skin under control. I’ve tried a lot of things (Proactiv and I are actually getting back together for the second time since SkinID got discontinued) and recently have found a few products that I’m a fan of. They include these:

Terminator 10: This product sounds like it’d be some kind of painful gadget, but it’s actually just a powerful cream that (as you can see) packs a hefty dose of benzoyl peroxide.

Put this stuff on a pimple and it will get to work quickly, like within hours. When you need to handle an existing problem, this is your go-to tool. It’s about five dollars and available at the grocery store.

C Booth Mask: I’m a big fan of this oil control mask. No weird smells, quick to apply, and you can feel it working on your skin.

I’ve been using this lately since I’ve taken a few months off from microdermabrasion (you have to after six treatment sessions).

Olay ProX: I’ve also been using this deep cleansing brush since I’ve taken a break from micro. It seems to really give a thorough cleaning and helps to clear your pores of gunk and leftover makeup. In many ways it replicates some of the same effects of microdermabrasion treatments.

This is also available at the drugstore, and costs about 30 bucks. Not bad, considering microdermabrasion treatments are more than 100 dollars per session.

I’m curious to see how Proactiv will work the second time around. I think that treatment system is effective, but I’ve always believed that you can’t use one cleanser/treatment plan for too long or else your skin gets too used to it and it stops working.

Do you have any favorite products that I should try? Are you also trying to wrangle your skin into submission like me?

Also! Thank you so much to everyone who has entered to win the velvet tuxedo jacket from Canvas Lands’ End. I’m going to finish the contest up soon, so get your entries in either via a comment on this post, a tweet, or an e-mail (, but have no fear because I’ve got another contest coming up right after that.

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